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to ZooService!

If you have a busy lifestyle, when you are not at home or when needed we will:

  • walk your dog
  • feed your dog
  • take care of your dog and also your cat, rabbit, guinea-pig, hamster or another of your pets

We provide these services in Prague and in its nearest neighborhood. Your beloved pet can stay at home under our care while you are away on holiday or you are not able to take care of your pet for whatever reason. With our In-Home Sitting service your pets can maintain their routine in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Three Pets

Before we start to work with your pets

we would like to meet them in their natural environment.

We will schedule the meeting at your home, where we discuss all details, e.g. your needs, requirements and routine of your beloved pet. If you are satisfied with our proposed services, we will sign the contract. You can breathe a sigh of relief because your pet will get to maintain their normal routine of feeding, walking and playtime. We will accommodate your needs to your complete satisfaction.

Pet care services

Dog walking

We aim to make all walks fun and interesting for your dogs, exercising their bodies and their brains. Dogs in our care get plenty of exercise playing games, running around and generally using lots of energy. Of course, we will walk your dogs according to their energy levels, age and temperament. Your dog will be benefiting from long fun walks, games and training. After our prior agreement we can also:

  • feed your dog
  • give your dog fresh water
  • give your dog its proper dose of medicine
  • or in the case of emergency we will take it to the vet

In home sitting,

In home overnight sitting

While you're away let us visit your dog or a small pet to make sure they have all the food, water and company they need. With our visits your pets will receive the care, love and attention they crave and deserve in the comfort and safety of their own home. Your pet will avoid the emotional and physical stress of being in a kennel, boarding facility or a "dog hotel". It's just like you were home! We will look after it, walk it on regular basis, feed it properly and give it our love and protection. The puppy will have completely different needs than the grown-up hunting dog, and a special care will be provided for the dog after surgery. This is the reason we offer you not only care for several hours but also in home overnight sitting (24hours care).

Pet care services
Hlídaní ostatních mazlíčků u Vás doma

Cat and small pets sitting

In home

While you're away let us visit your cat or small pet to make sure they have all the food, water and company they need. With our pet visits your pets will receive the care, love and attention they crave and deserve! Benefits of Cat or small pet visits:

  • We will give your cats the love and attention they deserve
  • We will clean litter box!
  • We will make sure your cat has food and water
  • We will make sure your cat has plenty of exercise
  • We will keep your cat busy and active while you’re out
  • In case of emergency we will take your pet to vet (with your approval)
We will also look after: rabbits, guinea-pigs, hamsters, birds, reptiles or turtles

Dog walking
Pet care
Vet care

About us

We have been providing professional care of your pets in Prague area since 2004. Our team consists mainly of our family members. We cannot even imagine life without pets anymore. We have long lasting experience with animals, their keeping and well-being and thanks to these experiences we approach every single pet as an individual with its own life story. The love for animals makes us want to get to know them, understand their behavior and give them the protection they need.

Our team

and pet lovers










Price List

Dog walking (40 min) during the week250 Kč / 40min
Dog walking (40 min) during the weekend and bank holidays300 Kč / 40min
Dog In-home sitting during the week/per hour180 Kč / hr
Dog In-home sitting during the weekend and bank holidays/per hour200 Kč / hr
Dog In-home overnight sitting (three times dog walking)1000 Kč / 24hrs
Care of small pets during the week250 Kč / 40min
Care of small pets during weekends and bank holidays300 Kč / 40min
Extra charge for another dog50 %
Extra charge for another cat, rabbit, guinea pig50 Kč
  • Extra charge of 100% in following days: Dec 24th, Dec 25th, Dec 26th, Dec 31st, Jan 1st
  • Checking your letter-box, watering your plants is for free.
  • We can provide additional services if needed. Price would be negotiated.

What our customers say about us

Zuzana and her team is amazing!

Simone Jourdain

I love how Zuzana pays attention to detail. She wanted to make sure that she knew my little boys: from their treats and their routine down to the way they like to play and rest. I never worried a minute while I was out of town because she had everything under control. It was such a comfort knowing that my little boys didn’t have to go stay somewhere else, but could stay in their own routine at home. Zuzana was able to keep in touch with me on the status of their behavior and send a daily picture of them. When I arrived home after three weeks I found my boys happy and healthy. I highly recommend the service of Zuzana and her team.

Flexible, Dependable Service with Great People

Valerie Hall

I used Zooservice both for keeping Henry when I was out of town and also for daily walks. I never had to worry about Henry. Henry's main babysitter (Jarka) loved him and he loved her. She walked him almost every single weekday for about 6 months. She also took great care of him when he was ill one weekend when I was out of town - she even cooked him rice and chicken. The pictures Zuzana sent always showed Henry having a great time - once he was even lounging by a pool, like he was also on holiday. There were several times when I had last-minute needs for someone to keep Henry while I was out of town for work, and Zuzana was able to accommodate. I cannot recommend enough.

Thank you for taking care of our cat Nietzsche!

Stefanie and Cathy

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Nietzsche! We are back home now after having a wonderful time with our families over the holidays, and are very grateful to not have had to worry about him while we were away.

Great Experience

Mila Pleshunova

Zuzana and Moki were very responsible and took great care of my cat :) I was a bit stressed leaving him with new people and was not sure if he will be calm and relaxed for the time when I am not home - but when I returned - he was very happy and relaxed. I am sure, he was treated with kindness and love. In addition, I received pictures of my cat regularly and it made my holidays more relaxed. ZooService provide with the contract in English, which makes expat's life much easier. Overall, my experience with ZooService was great, and I will gladly recommend you to my friends.

Warmhearted, flexible and personal

Mathilde, Ingri, Niklas and Mimmi Bennwik

We highly recommend Zuzana and Zooservice. Our little hamster, Mimmi, probably had the best vacation of her life at their place. We experienced Zuzana and her team as very warmhearted, efficient and flexible. They picked up Mimmi at our house and kept her at their place over summer. She came back very happy and healthy. We especially appreciated that they sent pictures of Mimmi while we were away, so our daughter could feel close to her pet during summer. We will definitely use Zooservice in the future.

Very reliable and flexible service

Alan Sneddon

Moki and her team are super reliable, flexible to meet different needs like overnight stays and full-day care as well as normal daily walks. My dogs love their walkers and everything works so well, I would recommend Zooservis to anyone who will want to trust that their pets will be taken good care of.

Zooservis are precise, reliable, and well recommended by us

David Broughton

Zooservis, Zuzana and her team, have provided us with their expert help on a number of occasions since we moved to Prague. They are reliable, friendly, and very good with animals. Our Cat is a little particular, but always seems very happy and well looked after when we return to him from time away, after leaving him in the capable hands of this very good team. They are good on price, and can cater to whatever requirements that you have for your animal, whether it is a daily visit, or every other day. They are conscientious, and should there ever be a concern that they have about your animal will contact you straight away. My wife and I would recommend them to anyone.

Completely dependable and caring!

Rebecca Scalia

Zuzana and team have walked my Lab for close to three years now and I wouldn't dream of hiring someone else. Zuzana is reliable, caring and even last minute she has helped me out. When my dog sees her he goes bonkers with happiness because he loves her. I trust her completely and am so so happy I found her here in Prague.

Very dependable!


Zuzana and her team have been taking care of my cats when I am out of town ever since I moved to Prague. It has been 4 years now and I use their services appx. 5-10 times a year. I have never thought about switching to another provider, as Zuzana is very reliable and goes the extra mile to make sure that the cats (and the flat) are comfortable (and clean!). Once a day they will come to the flat, clean the litter box, make sure both cats are fed, and most importantly (as Zuzana says), give love to both cats. Having the cats stay in the flat rather than some pet hotel is very convenient. Their service is outstanding. I highly recommend Zooservice.

The most dependable, caring dog walkers in Prague!


Right from the beginning Zuzana and team were very professional and friendly. I met Zuzana through the Albertov property management company as a new expat. For three years, Zuzana and team walked my two Vizslas almost every weekday while I was at work, and only once was there a time where a walker was sick and couldn't make it. Impressive and reliable service. Thank you for taking such good care of Izzi and Mica. We miss you!

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